Donnerstag, März 16, 2006

CeBIT 2006: Measuring up a prototype

Autor: Marc Kersten - Datum: 15.03.2006
Kategorien: Handy / Windows CE / WM5 / HTC / T-Mobile

Armed with a ruler I entered the T-Mobile booth at CeBIT this week, curious to find out more about HTCs infamous 3G Pocket PC phone code named "Hermes". Having never before been confronted with a mythological messenger from the gods, my expectations weren't that high - except that I expected the "Hermes" to be an enlightment, both in style as in specs. What I found out is nothing to scoff at! Since nobody else cared to measure up the prototype device on display I felt that it was my duty to tell you about how pocket friendly this new super fast side sliding QWERTY keyboard phone really is: 111 mm (+3) in length, 57 mm (-1) in width and the depth comes out at 22 mm (actually only 21 mm without the protrusions at the top and bottom of the device) which makes the device a little bit (-2) thinner too.

Let me tell you that the keyboard is pretty nice and has good tactile feedback, even though it doesnt make good use of the available space. On the other hand, I wasn't very fond of the wobbly D-pad. The camera still is of the "many pixels, lousy quality" variant if you ask me and even mit macro mode turned on, there was no way of getting decent close ups of the nearby specification sheet. No progress here it seems.

If you don't like the grayish design of the prototype, please join the club. But don't worry that much, since it showed up as "HERM100" under "settings/device info/model_nr". This indicates, that there will be another design variant (probably with a different more Blackberry like keyboard) going by the number "200", as was the case with the Wizard line of devices. Expect Vodafone to pick up this device next here in Germany since they are the only carrier beside T-Mobile, that has an HSDPA infrastructure already up and running. Prepare yourself for DSL speeds on a Pocket PC. Droooooool.....

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