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CeBIT 2006: Microsoft to add VOIP in Windows Mobile?

Autor: Marc Kersten - Datum: 14.03.2006 Kategorien: Handy / Windows CE / Microsoft / VOIP Coming from a source we tend to trust quite a bit, comes the hot juicy rumor that Microsoft may be up to some coup d'etat: Adding Voice Over IP functionality in Windows Mobile phones - at least the Pocket PC variant. In a move sure to conquer the hearts and souls of wireless carriers (or "operators" as we like to call them here), Microsoft is expected to offer an unobtrusive substitute for the already built in dialing application which will be able to initiate calls through the standardized SIP-protocol, which is much bigger here in Germany than the over hyped Skype. This wont work through EDGE or even UMTS: You will need a WiFi connection, because the voice signals aren't compressed that much, resulting in superior call quality. If this "rumor" holds true, the recent success Microsoft and its licensees had in signing up carriers for Windows Mobile phones may soon come to an end. But no honeymoon is forever, right? And subscribers will be so grateful, that they will take to the streets and greet the guys from Redmond as "liberators". Like the Iraqi people... well, so much for making prophecies.

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Anonymous Anonym sagt...

this is very vague post and basically a nonsense: of course Microsoft puts VoIP into Windows Mobile because Live Communicator for Windows Mobile offers VoIP - it is not a rumor but a fact.

So this posting of yours is really total bullsh-t!

15/3/06 00:31  
Blogger MarcTGFG sagt...

Well, well, well. Where to start here?

Reading, thinking, writing is the recommended order of participating in any blog.

Reading would imply, that you read the whole post and understand, that it DOES contain very specific information, that is, that MS will put in a new dialer application in Pocket PC phones. That is quite different from a whole new programm that is targeted at business customers specifically and relies on proprietary Microsoft server software. Whether Live Communicator Mobile allows interoperability with other companys SIP services remains to be seen...

The analysis, that it might hurt the relationship with carriers, is also shared by many others (http://www.voip-news-net.com/2006/02/microsoft_voip_.html). You might look at it differently, but it certainly aint no nonsense.

I don't completely rule out that my source confused Live Communicator Mobile with a new dialing application, but it certainly sounded like he meant something else. If you have more and better information regarding Microsofts plans you are welcome to share them with me. Maybe we can avoid using words like "you know what" then...

15/3/06 01:36  
Anonymous Anonym sagt...

are you saying that Microsoft will put SIP-based VoIP application into Windows Mobile platform?

and what is big deal with it anyway - there are several FREE VoIP based applications for Windows Mobile already anyway.

15/3/06 01:42  
Blogger MarcTGFG sagt...

Thats what my source told me.

The thing with 3rd party applications is: 90% of users never buy/use/install them!

To my knowledge there are two such solutions available right now. One from SJLabs which looks really ugly IMHO and has bad integration with the built in adress book. And there is the olution by Cicero which I havent tried out personally. There is another one not yet available to end users which looks exactly like the built in dialer but does its work "behind the curtain".

So you are right in some way: It is possible now to do VoIP on PPCs, but the fact that most users never install any software on their phones will prevent them from achieving significant market penetration.

I think MS got their cue from Nokias E series announcement. Seamless VoIP through SIP will become a de facto standard on S60 phones and MS doesn't want to fall behind.

15/3/06 02:42  

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