Donnerstag, März 16, 2006

CeBIT 2006: Nokias Symbian Offensive

Autor: Marc Kersten - Datum: 17.03.2006
Kategorien: Handy / UMTS / Symbian / Serie 60 / Nokia

The booth of the Finnish cellphone market leader was one of the busiest in Hannover. On display: a plethora of new smartphones based on Nokias S60 UI. The so called N- and E-series 3G phones were intriguing consumers as well as businessmen with their wealth of innovative features and cool design. On the last day of CeBIT, the worlds largest information technology trade fair by the way, Nokia got so scared by the unending flow of interested visitors that they pulled most of the exhibits, due to security concerns. Obviously some folks were a little bit too interested in getting hold of a new Nokia phone and the security personnel obviously can't be at all places all times...

Therefore some people didn't get a chance to fool around with Nokias two "Blackberry killers", the big, wide screen and cameraless E61 and especially the E70 with its uniquely unfolding QWERTY butterfly keyboard, which will have localized layouts for most countries. It sports a 2 MP camera and has the same outstanding display as its brothers and sisters in the N and E series of devices. Single pixels you see no more! It's like getting LASIK for your eyes. Everything is so sharp and clear suddenly.

Promises made, are promises kept. This somewhat quaint saying doesn't seem to be a binding principle for Nokia, since none of the six announced E and N series devices will see a store shelf in Q1 as promised. The latest word is, that the S60 music phone 3250 will be first out of the gate at the end of this month (seeing advertising for it at German cellphone shops already), followed by the E70 in April.

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