Montag, März 20, 2006

CeBIT 2006: The "Not to be found"-edition

Autor: Marc Kersten - Kategorien: Handy / PDA / Windows CE / AnexTek / Hyundai

Palm certainly wasn't the only PDA manufacturer that turned out to be a no show at CeBIT. On the Windows Mobile side of things we were looking in vain for AnexTek, who allegedly produce a device called MoboDA 3360, the first Pocket PC Phone to sport a numeric keypad, when it emerged last October. Virtually the same device is sold in the Middle East under the Hyundai Mobile brand. And while Hyundai Displays had a booth at CeBIT, they weren't aware of any sister company which sells mobile phones. The Korean representative couldn't even speak English and communication with him was limited to an involuntarily funny mix of body gestures.

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