Freitag, März 17, 2006

CeBIT 2006: Where was Palm?

Autor: Marc Kersten - Datum: 17.03.2006
Kategorien: Handy / PDA / Palm OS / Palm Inc. / Treo

Having your personal hero fall into oblivion is a cruel thing to watch. It looks like opening a Stargate to a black hole: You know he is doomed, but he simply can`t move fast enough. And there is no Samantha Carter around with a brilliant idea to rescue him. Of course we are talking about the earthlings at Palm Inc. and their operating system mother company Access. The former PDA market leader, touted for its unparalleled ease of use (popular code word for "fewer features"), is only surviving because of his ridiculously popular Treo line of devices and didn´t have any presence of its own in Hannover. Sifting through the front page posts at, the most authorative Palm community website, you wouldn't even know that there was an event called CeBIT, let alone the largest information technology trade fair on our side of the Stargate. Maybe they should try selling Palm OS devices on Abydos and P3X-7763 instead?

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