Dienstag, März 14, 2006

The Samsung Miracle

Autor: Marc Kersten - Datum: 14.03.2006 Kategorien: Handy / Windows CE / WM 2003 SE / Samsung From the land of the dead comes Samsungs first Pocket PC phone for the European market, the SGH-i750. Announced more than a year ago, everybody expected it to go to vaporware heaven. But not so. It will be, rest assured, big promise, 100%, absolutely be available in Germany in April. Nah, this is no Aprils fool. And no, we didn't mean April 2007 either. The bad news: it will run on the outdated Windows Mobile 2003 SE OS and a software update to 5.0 will definitely not be available, according to Samsung Germanys senior marketing manager for telecommunication products (how does that title fit on a business card?), Alexander Avramidis. You were warned. Whoever still decides to put his/her money on this sleek and tiny business device will be rewarded with a lot of "worlds best": The SGH-i750 is the first Pocket PC phone with an auto focus camera (2 MP), it is the only one with a TV-out and to our knowledge no competitor offers a business card OCR software yet either. With its outstanding battery life it enables you to wait for a call to come in for up to 270 hours. Not that anybody would wait that long: Remember, you can make calls yourself! Now, what may be the biggest drawback or asset of the device, depending on your personal preferences, it has a 2.4" QVGA screen. Shaaaaarp text, smaaaalllll fonts. Be advised: Extended surf sessions can hurt your eyes. Which is a shame, since it also supports downloads at up to 230 kBit/s through EDGE.

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